Instructions for professionals

How to drop off and pick up passengers of private buses in Donostia / San Sebastián

Private buses coming to Donostia / San Sebastian must enter the new underground Bus Station (Pº Federico García Lorca, 1) in order to drop off and pick up passengers. It is forbidden to do it in any other place of the city.

The operating rules are as follows:

  • Each “service”, that is, each entrance to drop off or to pick up, costs 17,50 € per coach.
  • This allows 15 minutes at the platform.
  • The entrance to the Station is through the lane marked BUS, and at the entrance, a platform number would be assigned and a ticket given, to consequently make the payment in the payment machines located at -1 floor.
  • After the 15 minutes, coaches must leave the Station.
  • If you want to park, you must request permission at control (Office 1st floor-door next to BM) 943 47 51 50 and every hour after the service will cost €30/hour.

The coach can be freely parked on a suitable place behind Garbera Commercial Centre, at the east side of the town. (43°18'33"N 1°56'42"W).

This commercial centre is connected by buses 33, 24 & 27 of the DBus bus company.