Travelers with reduced mobility or disabilities

The Station provides free assistance to people whose mobility when using transport is reduced due to a disability (physical, intellectual or of any other type) or due to age.


Assist the passenger in the vehicle by using lifts, wheelchairs or other assistance if necessary.

Customer service

Physical accessibilityPhysical accessibility

There are docks accessible to people with wheelchairs.
There is an accessible elevator.

Visual accessibilityVisual accessibility

Elevators with button panels in Braille and high relief, and with audible warnings.
Map in Braille and relief of the station.
Doors to the docks identified in Braille.
Number of platforms in Braille.
Visual tactile stripes routing in the station and docks.
Information device at eye level, which facilitates reading for people with low vision.

Hearing accessibilityHearing accessibility

The elevator has a magnetic loop.
Visual information on electronic devices.

Cognitive accessibilityCognitive accessibility

Free accompaniment service for people with intellectual disabilities and the elderly, on demand.